Baros Maldives is a small coral island in the Indian Ocean ringed by a sun-kissed beach and a vibrant house-reef, within easy reach by speedboat of the Maldives International Airport, 24/7. For guests from overseas, it is far away… but near enough.

Baros Maldives, one of the foremost Luxury Resorts in the Maldives, has a rich heritage. It opened in 1973 as the third resort in the Maldives and is still setting the benchmark for a romantic, luxury holiday with genuine, heartfelt Maldivian hospitality. It has a reliable reputation: consistently winning prestigious awards from guests and travel professionals for quality accommodation and outstanding service excellence.

Baros Maldives warmly welcomes guests and everyone is treated as someone special, known to the staff by name, not Villa number. Attention to detail is important and whatever guests require, Baros Maldives will make it possible, whether it’s a special meal, a bespoke excursion, a diving by design experience, a private spa or yoga session, or a romantic sailing cruise by traditional Maldivian vessel.

The ambience at Baros Maldives provides the perfect escape and getaway with its atmosphere of tranquillity, peace and elegance in a tropical setting that ensures guests slow down, relax and leave the world behind. This is enhanced with lush vegetation of venerable coconut palms and exotic plants and flowers and the easy-to-explore house reef nurtured by carefully managed eco-conservation.

Baros Maldives has an enviable intimacy yet excels in spacious accommodation designed with thought and style using natural materials and creating a sense of timelessness; the perfect setting for romance. It exudes serenity: there are no disturbances from young children, motorised water sports or noisy vehicles.