When choosing a Maldives Diving Resort, guests deserve the best, as can be found at Baros Maldives. Divers Baros Maldives has been operating in the Maldives since 1979 and the Dive Centre at Baros Maldives was one of the first to be opened in the archipelago. It is a PADI five-star Gold Palm Dive Centre with an experienced international team focusing on services and diving in small groups with personal attention.

Baros Maldives stands for environmental awareness and the Dive Centre, is dedicated to preserving reefs. Divers Baros Maldives has officially been certified as the first resort EcoDive Centre in the Maldives the International Reef Check Reef Check is an internationally recognized marine data collection program that works together with communities, governments and businesses. Reef-check scientifically monitors, restores and maintains the health of the coral reef around the world. Click here for more information on the EcoDive Centre.

Twice a day a selection of over 30 world-class dive spots can be visited, each within 50 minutes boat ride of Baros Maldives. Among them are Marine Protected Dive Sites, sites exclusive to Baros Maldives, and classic North Male’ dive sites. Click here for more information on the Dive Sites

Among the different dive options available are an Orientation Dive, a Refresher Dive, Diving from the Dive Boat, House Reef Diving, Night Diving and Private Diving. The Dive Centre also operates a Nitrox facility and has digital cameras for rent by divers and snorkellers. Click here for more information on the different Dive options.

The Dive Centre has a Diving By Design programme enabling individuals to have personal attention and assistance, and to plan their own diving programme with the Centre’s Instructors. Click here for more information on the Diving by Design programme.

The instructors conduct all level of PADI courses in several languages, including Discover Scuba Diving, Discover Escape, the Scuba Diver and Open Water diving courses, as well as the Advanced Course. Click here for more information on PADI courses.

Dive FAQ 

For more information or bookings, please do not hesitate to visit the Dive Centre or contact us at dive.manager@baros.com