A resident Marine Biologist runs the Marine Centre as an information point where guests can learn all about the marine world as well participate in guided snorkelling excursions on the house reef (for beginners or experienced snorkellers). The Marine Biologist also organises some of the best snorkelling excursions in the Maldives. Coral transplantation workshops are held under a programme enabling guests to learn the propagation process of coral regeneration and to play a part in conserving the reefs surrounding Baros Maldives. Environment awareness programmes and marine life presentations are also conducted by the Marine Centre crew. The presentations involve lectures about the fascinating eco-system of the Maldives. “Beauty & Diversity of the Maldives Islands” takes guests on a visual journey illustrating life below the sea’s surface, revealing the visible and hidden world of marine creatures, starting from the most primitive invertebrates and ending with the predators of the oceans. “Structure & Ecology of the Maldives Islands” begins with a journey through the geological history of the Maldivian atolls and islands. The Marine Centre at Baros Maldives