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FAQ - Divers Baros Maldives

 Why should I dive with Divers Baros Maldives?

Baros Maldives lies in the middle of the North Male atoll and therefore benefits from a wide selection of dive sites. Amongst them are Marine Protected Areas, exclusive dive sites and the North Male’ Classics. Baros Maldives is fortunate to have a fabulous House Reef which is encircling the island and is easy accessible.


When are the best possibilities to see Manta Rays?

Due to the centre location of Baros Maldives we have the opportunity to dive at 2 Manta points with a good possibility of Manta sighting. In the North-East Monsoon, from December until April we have Mantas in the North where the Mantas are frequently spotted in relatively shallow water to feed on plankton. On the reef slope the Manta’s often make a stop to get “cleaned” by the cleaner wrasses. From May till November (South West Monsoon) we have Mantas in the east where the Mantas come to the cleaning station. These different Manta dive spots are related to the monsoon and therefore difficult for us to predict exactly when and where they are.
Remember Manta Rays live in freedom in the Indian Ocean and therefore a guarantee of Manta sighting unfortunately we cannot give.


What is the water temperature?

The water temperature is the whole year usually between the 27 – and 31 degrees.


Will I need a medical statement for diving?

Certified divers:

For all divers it is recommended to bring a valid diving medical statement, which mentioned that you are fit for diving, however that does not mean that you cannot dive with us if you don’t have a medical statement with you.
Every diver has to sign our booking contract in which is mentioned that:
You underwent a recent medical examination (not older than 2 years) and were found fit for diving.
You do not suffer from any chronic diseases (such as organic disease of the heart, diabetes).

Uncertified divers

For all who would like to try the excitement of diving we offer the Discover Scuba Diver course. To participate in this programme we require a diving medical statement in which is mentioned that you are fit for diving. When you don’t have the opportunity to bring a medical statement, there is also a possibility to fill out a medical questionnaire here at the dive centre. Should you require receiving this medical questionnaire upfront please send us an email.


I have forgotten/lost my certification card/license. Can I still dive?

Yes, as long as evidence of certification can be provided eg. log book, verification letter from your certifying dive company. You can do this by contacting your original certifying organizations. We can provide assistance in this area if you are PADI affiliated.


Do I need to do an orientation dive?

Divers who have not been diving in the last 3 months are required to do an orientation dive as per Maldivian Diving Law. A refresher dive, this is recommended for divers who did not dive for a period of over 1 year. The orientation and refresher dive is a normal dive of max. 60 minutes and will be done at the Baros House reef.
What is the minimum age for diving?

  • 8 years is the absolute minimum age
  • 8 -10 years max. depth 2 mtr.
  • 10 -12years max depth 12 mtr.
  • 12 -15 years max depth18 mtr.
  • 15+ years 30 mtr.

Can I pre-book?

It would be a great pleasure to assist you with pre-booking your dives, please feel free to send us an email about your plans: to Karin at dive.manager@baros.com


What are the daily schedules?

Boat dives are daily at
9.00 – 12.00 am
2.00 – 4.00 pm

Orientation/refresher dives and all courses we have the following slots available:
9.30 – 11.30 am
1.30 – 3.30 pm
3.30 – 5.30 pm

All dives are one tank dives, should you be interested in a 2 tank dives we offer a unique program diving by design. For more details see our website “diving by design” or send us an email: dive.manager@baros.com


When can I fly after diving?

Flying after diving recommendations:
1. For single dives within the no decompression limits, a minimum pre-flight surface interval of 12 hours is suggested.
2. For repetitive dives and/or multi-day dives within the no decompression limits, a minimum preflight surface interval of 18 hours is suggested.
3. For dives requiring decompression stops, a minimum preflight surface interval greater than 18 hours is suggested.


Can we take a dive insurance with you?

Yes, DAN Europe (Divers Alert Network) offer a special short term diving insurance for the Republic of Maldives

For more questions, please feel free to contact Karin at: dive.manager@baros.com