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Stand Up Paddle Board

This is the latest trend in watersports, its easy and a lot of fun. Paddle through our crystal clear blue lagoon and have a great glimpse of the underwater world around you. The standing position gives you a perfect view of the underwater world below you.

Clear Bottom Kayak

The Caribe is half sit-on-top kayak, half canoe. The crystal clear hull of the Caribe provides a window to the underwater world. Based on hull shape it has a remarkable tracking ability and it is very stable.

Transparent Kayak3canoe

Our Molokini clear canoe is an excellent way to discover marine life without snorkelling. You simply look through your transparent canoe and straight away receive a clear view of the ocean’s floor and all its surroundings. Paddle away towards the sunset or take a break by “landing” on a little sandbar on the edge of our lagoon.


Available for beginners or people with more experience, this sport is fast and exciting!
Those who have tried it before will remember the first time they ever stood up and how exhilarated they felt. Lessons are available.


Available for the more experienced riders.
This RONIX Viva board is an easy ride on the wake and is very reliable in choppier conditions. A board you gain confidence with as you get on the gas. The side cut that has more contact points in the water, and fin placements that allow the board to react as quickly as any rider can control it. The blended rocker combines the speed needed to make any wake transfer seem effortless, with more kick than a traditional continuous rocker.


Designed with all ages and experience levels in mind, Wakesledz offers unique features that allow all riders to easily and safely participate every time they ride. With onboard handles, comfortable padding, significant buoyancy, and serious stability. The Wakesledz is a great new revolutionary product.


Awaken the adventurous spirit within and try windsurfing. The warm water and our crystal clear blue lagoon are inviting and provide a perfect environment for windsurfing, suiting both the novice and experts alike.

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