For the energetic or simply curious water sports in the Maldives are a wonderful way to shed cares and enjoy nature’s beauty and bounty.  At Baros Maldives the facilities are designed for guest convenience. From a leisurely paddle in a glass bottom canoe or the excitement of windsurfing, there is something for everyone to enjoy at the Water Sports Centre.


Bladefish 7000 Seajet


We have introduced a new way for snorkellers and swimmers to explore the waters around Baros Maldives without any effort. The Seajet water scooter glides under its own power over the House Reef with a max. speed of 6.5 kmh. The sea scooter will pull you along calm lagoon’s, surface or take you under the water through graceful turns, loops and giving a new twist and adding fun to traditional snorkelling.

Pedaling Kayak

This double seated kayak is different from most other kayaks; it has two methods of propulsion. One is the traditional paddling. The second method is using a unique, fully adjustable, pedaling system. The pedals are alternately pushed back and forth with the feet and legs. With this movement the Penguin shaped flippers underneath the kayak makes a sweeping motion that drives the kayak forwards. The movement is swift and silent. Hands and arms can be at rest allowing you to go further and with less effort to get the most out of your experience.

Clear Bottom Kayak

The Caribe is half sit-on-top kayak, half canoe The crystal clear hull of the Caribe provides a window to the underwater world. Based on hull shape it has a remarkable tracking ability and it is very stable.


The Molokini canoe is a thrilling way to discover marine life without actually snorkelling, as guests can view the ocean's floor, reefs and fish through its transparent bottom and sides.


The warm water and crystal clear blue lagoon provide a perfect environment for windsurfing, suiting the novice and expert alike.

Waterski & Wakeboard

These exciting activities are permitted only beyond the lagoon.

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