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Sunset Activities at Baros

Sunset Activities at Baros Maldives are memorable and spectacular, inspiring a mood that lifts your spirits and lets you dream again. Maldivian sunsets are famous for being magical and colourful. On Baros Maldives, you can enjoy sunsets from many angles. Here are five recommended sunset activities at Baros.


Maldives Travel Tips

Making plans for your holiday in the Maldives and looking for tips for a worthwhile Maldives travel itinerary? Look no further. Here are five things to keep in mind while planning your holiday to the Maldives.


Romantic Moments Package

For a honeymoon or a romantic interlude, this holiday package is designed with refined sophistication and timeless elegance in mind, enhanced by the lush beauty of this tropical island retreat - Baros Maldives provides a blissful rendezvous to celebrate your “Romantic Moments” with generous complimentary extras for couples to indulge in Romantic Moments in style.


Celebrating Heroes

In gratitude to guests who worked as health care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Baros will reward them with the extra benefits of a complimentary couples massage at the island’s Serenity Spa, a private dinner for two on the beach, champagne upon arrival, and a choice of a free scheduled excursion with social distancing observed.


The Best Hotel in the World for Luxury

Baros Maldives has been voted the world’s top luxury hotel 2020 by travellers sharing their opinions on the world’s largest travel website TripAdvisor.


A Gift of Nature: The Baros Coral Sponsorship Initiative

The Marine Centre at Baros Maldives offers a chance for guests to adopt their very own coral, making a unique gift of nature.