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Baros Underwater

Experience a world of legendary beauty

A shoal of barracuda glides gracefully on a tropical current. A turtle rises languorously from the depths. When you’re at Baros, you have a world of incredible marine life within a short swim of your villa.

Wade into the lagoon and discover a world of bewitching beauty, with colourful fish and turtles drifting through the house reef, just 20 metres from shore. Or choose from the dozens of world-class dive sites less than an hour away from Baros – a boon for divers and an incredible bounty this close to Malé.

There are many ways you can explore the Baros waters. Glide along the surface on a paddleboard or transparent canoe, plunge into a neon-coloured world of corals during a night dive or let our resident Marine Biologist guide you on a personalised journey of underwater discovery.

Experience the best house reef in the atoll
Immerse yourself in a world of wonder
Water Sports
Experience boundless Baros adventures.