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Fluo Night Diving

See the Reef in a New Light

Using special diving lights and masks, transform your night diving experience into one of natural beauty. It is simply magical!

What is Fluo Night Diving?

We dive with lights that are specifically designed to generate the maximum amount of bio-fluorescence, the so called blue light, with a barrier filter that goes over your mask, blue light becomes spellbinding.
Certain marine life will absorb part of this blue light and emit a different colour light in return. This effect is called fluorescence.
That’s when the amazing colours are revealed. Blues, yellows, greens, pinks…you have to see it to believe it.
Some things will glow with unexpected colours when you shine the right light on them. You point the light at a target and a totally different colour comes out. Fluorescence seems like magic.

What certification do you need to do a Fluorescent Night Dive?

All certified divers can do a fluorescent night dive, our fluorescent night dives are held in small groups. You will be accompanied by a professional instructor who is experienced and qualified in Fluorescent Night Diving. Fluorescent Night Dive speciality courses are also available.