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Float above a world of vivid colours, just metres from your villa. See corals, turtles and sharks in their natural habitat as you explore one of the most spectacular house reefs in the Maldives.

In a destination famous for its snorkelling, nowhere in the Maldives matches the convenience and beauty of the Baros house reef – located so close to shore that it can easily be explored by beginners.

If you would like to try something different, our Marine Centre team organises a number of snorkelling adventures you can join:

Baros House Reef Tour with fish identification

This tour begins at the Marine Centre with a 20-minute class covering the different kinds of marine life you are likely to encounter. Then our Marine Biologist will take you to the best snorkelling spots around the island, take some photos of the trip and be there to answer any questions before and after snorkelling. The Baros House Reef Tour is not only fun and breathtakingly beautiful, it is also educational. 

Snorkelling Safari by boat

Once you have explored the wonders of the Baros house reef, you can join our Marine Biologist on safaris to visit other reefs. Accessible only by boat, these reefs have many kinds of marine creatures, allowing fascinating glimpses into hidden underwater worlds. Our Marine Biologist will be there throughout the trip to educate and inform, as well as take pictures of this marvellous adventure.

Night Snorkelling

The Baros house reef comes alive with a different kind of marine life after the sun sets. Nocturnal creatures emerge from nooks and crannies to make the reef their own. Equipped with an underwater torch and the guidance of our Marine Biologist you will discover all kinds of creatures that can't be seen during the day. You will also witness bioluminescence, an amazing natural light show caused by underwater plankton glowing in the dark.

Private Snorkelling Lessons for beginners

With just an hour in the water, a Private Snorkelling Lesson will show you everything you need to know to get the most of the Baros house reef. You will learn the basics of snorkelling and our Marine Biologist will show you the best places to get started on your snorkelling adventure.

Coral Gardening for Sponsors

If you would like to play your part in protecting the Baros marine environment, you can support our Coral Reef Regeneration Programme by sponsoring a coral frame. You may actively assist in the gardening process and receive half-yearly updates for two years on how your corals are developing. You can read more about our Coral Rehabilitation Programme here.

Private Snorkelling Experiences

Drop by the Marine Centre anytime to arrange individual, personalised snorkelling experiences on the house reef or boat trips to explore other reefs.

For more information or bookings, visit the Marine Centre or contact us at

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