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Marine Centre

A resident Marine Biologist runs the Marine Centre as an information point where guests can learn all about the marine world, as well participate in professionally guided snorkelling excursions. Our goal is to raise awareness and help protect the precious marine environment for future generations.

The Marine Centre organises some of the best marine excursions in the Maldives which are suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced snorkellers. Coral Gardening workshops are held under a programme enabling guests to learn the propagation process of coral regeneration and to play a part in conserving the reefs surrounding Baros Maldives. Environment awareness programmes and marine life presentations are also conducted by the resident Marine Biologist. Besides being a source of information for our guests, the Marine Centre conducts reef cleaning events, participates in environmental initiatives and is in charge of raising awareness among our island staff as well.

Guests are welcome to visit the Marine Centre to talk about environmental topics, to browse through our library and to seek help in identifying marine life. Please read more about the Marine Centre’s Coral Reef Rehabilitation programme here.

For direct contact please send an email to: marine.center@baros.com