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About Baros

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Baros Maldives first welcomed guests to its shores some 46 years ago. It was a time when only those “in the know” spoke of this idyllic destination, when locals travelled from island to island on wooden dhoni sailboats and when the Maldives communicated with the world by Morse code. While much has certainly changed since then, some of the important things have stayed the same; Baros remains a place of astonishing natural beauty and is as magical as ever..

As one of the first resorts to open in the Maldives, Baros set the standard to which other Maldives Luxury Resorts aspire. Over the decades, we’ve learned that authentic luxury isn’t a gimmick; it’s the sum of many different and carefully chosen parts. The services we offer here are honed by years of experience when it comes to what truly works – what people love and come back for time and again.

Rooted in nature

Life at Baros has always been a fulfilment of harmony. Our collection of handcrafted beachfront and overwater villas are built from timber and sandstone, a perfect match for our naturally beautiful surroundings. To help preserve our island, we've worked to protect the environment, from the house reef fringing the island to its lush, jungle heart. To ensure the privacy of our guests, we have prohibited the use of drones on the island.

The iconic Maldivian Resort

Beginning with the coral-walled, fan-cooled cabanas of the original resort, Baros has become an icon of luxury in the Maldives. Our villas are designed to cocoon you in comfort, furnished with care and a host of indulgent features for you to enjoy.

Service Excellence

Through each chapter of the Baros story, we have strived to offer the highest standard of Maldivian hospitality to our guests. From this heartfelt service and the ingredients in our dishes to the artwork on the walls and the pillows on your bed – these details, perfected, are what makes Baros a legend. Our mission is to see it evolve and flourish even more in the years to come.

The Unique Elements