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Eco Dive Centre

Divers Baros Maldives was officially certified in December 2010 as one of the first resort Eco Dive Centre in Maldives. The centre is dedicated to guarding and conserving coral reefs by establishing and implementing environmentally friendly guidelines to protect the marine environment for future generations.


  • Participates in reef conservation programmes such as the internationally recognised Reef Check
  • Participates in The IUCN Maldives Marine Project for Identifying Manta Rays
  • Participates in Shark Watch, a project from the Darwin Reef Fish Project, Marine Research Centre, Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture, Malé, Republic of Maldives, to observe the number of sharks in the Maldives
  • Offers Project AWARE specialty courses that teach customers about ecology and conservation
  • Supports ‘Do not touch, stand on, or collect, corals’ initiative
  • Provides dive experiences that enhance guest awareness, appreciation and understanding of the environment
  • Encourages guests to enjoy observing nature but not to chase or touch marine life
  • Forbids the removal of anything that is part of the natural environment
  • Pays attention to buoyancy control skills and makes sure guests are weighted properly to prevent damage to corals from lack of control or dangling dive equipment
  • Increases guest awareness about the environment and teaches sustainable dive practice knowledge
  • Respects local people, culture and traditions and abides by local laws and regulations
  • Does not anchor boats and uses drift diving techniques whenever possible to avoid damaging the underwater habitat