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Educational Programs

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There are so many things that make Baros unique. While staying at Baros, you are invited to meet our on-site Marine Biologists. They’ll not only tell you about all that makes Baros special, they’ll give you first-hand information about the currents, tides and marine life, to help you make the most of every visit. Stop by the Marine Centre and have your complimentary snorkelling gear and flippers fitted to your size. The centre is open every day between 9am and 6pm, for fittings, bookings and informal discussions about whatever you’d like to know more about: environmental topics, fish, invertebrates, creatures you’ve encountered while diving, and how to identify our resident sea turtles.

Educational Snorkelling
Even snorkelling at Baros is an experience beyond the ordinary, as all our snorkelling excursions are guided by a marine biologist. We give a briefing beforehand which, depending on the excursion, takes between a few minutes and half an hour.

If you’re new here, the House Reef Tour with fish identification offers the most extensive introduction to marine animals and their biology. We try to keep our snorkelling groups small to make the experience as informative and rewarding as possible for each snorkeller.

Hands-on Experience At Baros
Marine life is often fragile, so guests are advised not to touch anything in the water. However, under the guidance of our on-site marine biologists, guests can gain hands-on experience by working with living hard corals.

When coral breaks – be it due to humans or triggerfish that bite coral branches off looking for food – we try to save as many fragments as possible by re-transplanting them to a safe area where they can grow. At Baros, guests can learn about ‘coral propagation’, a method of transplantation that encourages corals to ‘clone’. You can learn more about our coral propagation programme here.

Marine Educational Presentations
A stay at Baros can turn anyone into a dedicated environmentalist. For those interested, Baros offers complimentary twice-weekly 60-minute educational presentations where you can learn more about the Maldives, its terrestrial fauna and flora, coral biology and dangers to reefs, as well as about the various animal species likely to be encountered. During these sessions, you are welcome to ask questions about the environment, both at Baros and around the Maldives.

The Baros Nature Walk
Though the Maldives’ glittering underwater world usually steals our guests’ attention, this activity highlights the wonders of the island’s surface. This twice-weekly complimentary walk invites guests to take a stroll around Baros. Starting in the Maldivian Lounge, our biologist explains the importance of the coconut palm to the country, before guiding a botanical tour around the island.