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Immerse yourself in a world of wonder

The sun glints off the surface above as you dive into a realm of blues. Fish dart and flit through the depths, each more colourful than the last.

At Baros, you will swim with harmless reef sharks and turtles, see moray eels and mantas and encounter protected marine life like you’ve never seen before. Diving around our reef and beyond, you’ll find one of the most unspoilt underwater habitats in the world.


Divers Baros Maldives is one of the archipelago’s original dive centres, having opened in 1979. A PADI five-star Gold Palm Dive Centre, we immerse you in a rewarding dive experience every time by keeping group sizes small and paying careful attention to each diver.

At Baros, we are passionate about protecting the underwater environment of the Maldives. Our dives are designed to preserve this precious world and ensure minimum impact on the environment while guiding you to unforgettable underwater experiences.

We were the first EcoDive Centre in the Maldives to be certified by International Reef Check, which scientifically monitors, restores and maintains the health of coral reefs around the world.

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