Full Moon Dinner At The Lighthouse

9 June 2021 | All Blogs, Dining

For several years, Baros has celebrated the romance of the night of the Full Moon as it casts its radiant rays on the island, illuminating the rich canopy of lush vegetation, reflecting and dancing on the shimmering lagoon. The romance of this majestic spectacle has inspired humanity for centuries, resulting in tributes with odes and poetry, and astronauts reaching it in 1969.

This has inspired our Lighthouse Restaurant to curate a special dinner for guests to celebrate romance and intimacy in a magical, celestial setting, as the Full Moon exhibits an entrancing display over the horizon, and you wine and dine on the deck of the Lighthouse.

During the Full Moon, the classic Lighthouse gastronomic experience shifts into a seven-course customised degustation menu. This lunar monthly gastronomical experience presents modern French cuisine with touches of Asian influence, delighting guests with new creations.

We invite you to stroll together in the moonlight to the Lighthouse, and start your evening with a flute of Champagne served in the Lighthouse Lounge. Then descend to the Lighthouse Deck where candles glow and an enchanting ambience is crafted for an exquisite evening.

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