Sunset Activities at Baros

9 June 2021 | All Blogs, Dining, Experience

Sunset Activities at Baros Maldives are memorable and spectacular, inspiring a mood that lifts your spirits and lets you dream again. Maldivian sunsets are famous for being magical and colourful. On Baros Maldives you can enjoy sunsets from many angles. Here are five recommended sunset activities at Baros.

1. Romantic Sunset Cruises

Sailing towards the sunset might sound like a line from a song, but at Baros this easily becomes reality. Cruise on a traditional Maldivian dhoni towards the glorious colours of the setting sun while dolphins leap beside the boat. You can also choose to cruise on one of the luxury yachts of Baros, adding an extra sparkle to your personal Maldivian sunset spectacle.

2. Sunset dining on a sandbank, piano deck or on the beach

It can be difficult to choose the best spot for a romantic sunset dinner but the culinary team at Baros will make sure that you will not just enjoy the sunset dinner but will also make the experience extraordinary and memorable. A private, candle-lit romantic dinner on a secluded sandbank with your private waiter and chef or, for a unique setting, watch the sunset from our unique Piano Deck. If you prefer to stay a bit closer to your island home as the sun sets, a romantic dinner will be set up for you on the Baros beach, creating spellbinding moments

3. SUP at sunset

The calm and serene evenings at Baros Maldives are perfect for a spree in the island’s lagoon on a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP). While paddling out into the wide lagoon, only the soothing sound of the ocean and light breeze will accompany you as you witness the mesmerizing moment when the sun sets into the ocean and the colourful spectacle commences.

4. Sunset Fishing

When the sun descends into the ocean the underwater world truly awakens and it is the best time for a fishing trip with the skilled Baros boat crew. While the beauty of the sunset and ocean can be distracting, it is a memorable backdrop to this fishing expedition. To conclude it, our chefs will transform your sunset catch into a sumptuous meal just for you.

5. Sunset Walk

Sometimes the simplest things in life can become the most rewarding, as when the gloomiest day ends with the most marvellous sunset. Simply grab a drink from the Sails Bar at Baros and wander out to the beach and find your favourite spot for that entrancing moment together.

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