Water Villas In The Maldives

26 May 2021 | All Blogs, Destination, Villas

The Maldives is famous for the villas and bungalows built on pillars in the lagoon of a resort. Unlike other tropical island holiday destinations, the islands of the Maldives have extensive, shallow lagoons which make over-water guest accommodation convenient and safe. As well as the magical feeling of staying above a beautiful lagoon, water villas have much more to offer. Here are four reasons why you should choose to stay in a water villa in the Maldives.


The soothing sound of the gentle waves, the warm breeze sweeping the shore and the glistening colours of the lagoon make a Water Villa in the Maldives a blissful choice for your holiday. If you choose to stay in a Water Villa, you are always only a few steps away from the ocean and a reef, especially the colourful and lively underwater world of the Baros House Reef. It’s only a few swimming strokes to reach the beautiful reef where you can spend hours exploring and observing the amazing marine life.


The water villas at Baros are known for their supreme privacy. The large sundeck allows you to enjoy and unwind and enjoy the breath-taking beauty of the natural setting without being observed. Some Water Villas have a private pool set in the sundeck, which makes a holiday in a Water Villa even more special and exclusive.


Water Villas in the Maldives re-define the expression of “unobstructed ocean view”. When you stay in one of these villas, you become part of the environment as you are in the middle of a tranquil lagoon with only water around you. You will marvel at the endless views of uncountable shades of blue blending in with the horizon.


In most resorts, you can choose a Water Villa on the sunrise or sunset side. The Maldives are famous for their sunsets, as the colourful spectacle is simply surreal and magical. From your Water Villa deck, you will have the best and unobstructed views as you enjoy those precious moments with your loved one beside you. For early birds, try and catch the spellbinding sunrise as you witness the sun rising from the ocean before the world around you has awakened.

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