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8 June 2021 | All Blogs, Destination, Villas

The lagoon beckons you to jump in, to swim with turtles and glide over corals. A sailing adventure tempts you across the seas, to see what you can see beyond our atoll. Champagne fizzes in your glass as you toast to another unforgettable Baros moment. A million experiences await you on and around our legendary isle. If you have ever wondered “What can I do in Maldives?” – look no further, we have prepared a list of things to do in the Maldives especially for you!


With the horizon as your limit, there are a number of adventures you can enjoy in the Maldives. Whales breaching, dolphins spinning and dancing at the prow, or fishing and catching your own dinner, – a seaward excursion at Baros gets you up close with nature. Set out early for a full day of dolphin or whale shark watching, take off on a fishing expedition – our Atoll is a wild blue playground for all sorts of encounters and excursions, with a new path of discovery to follow every day. You can even enjoy the luxe life adventures on our princess yacht as you set sail on a full day of cruises or adventures.


The underwater world of Maldives is far more vast than what lies above it – from kaleidoscopic coral reefs shimmering off the shores, to the vibrant underwater marine life, the exploration possibilities are infinite. The house-reef at Baros Maldives is one of the best in Maldives and is accessible by just a minutes’ short wade from the beach.

Decades of research and care have gone into ensuring the safety of this precious habitat, an exotic world we cherish and encourage you to explore. Whether you discover the seas at night or snorkel the reefs during the day, this unique world is best explored with professionals, with guided excursions and information sessions. Baros has lived in harmony
with the reef for more than four decades – we show you how to enjoy the waters responsibly, protecting them for generations to come.


Diving in Maldives is truly a magical experience, as you go beyond the surface and into the deep blues, where you will find an untouched world of illustrious marine life underneath. Baros Diving centre is one of the first-ever diving establishments in Maldives, and offers truly unique diving experiences from “Discover Scuba Diving” for the beginners, “Diving by Design” where you can design your diving excursion based on what you wish to see and many other exciting journeys – diving in the Baros house reef and other famous dive sites in the atoll, you’ll find one of the most unspoilt underwater habitats in the world.


Take relaxing in Maldives to new heights with a Spa experience after a full day of adventures, with a wild array of spa treatments to choose from.
A haven of relaxation, a sanctuary is hidden in the trees – Serenity Spa at Baros Maldives invites you into a world of indulgent spa and beauty rituals. You can come here to escape for a few hours, or craft a personalised journey of wellness with a series of daily treatments. From therapeutic massages or a pampering treatment in the seclusion of your comfortable villa – everything here is designed to help you restore your balance and find your calm.


Discover your chi and zen in Maldives, as you relax and meditate to take in the beauty of this slice of heaven. Inhale, exhale.  Our resident Yogi at Baros will lead you on a journey of wellness, from gentle stress-releasing stretches to the most advanced yoga poses. In your villa, on your deck, or surrounded by crystal-clear seas, our yoga and meditation classes are the perfect accompaniment to a blissful Baros stay.


What’s more romantic than a holiday escapade to the Maldives – taking this opportunity to renew your vows witnessed by the sea, the sky and the white sand beach. At Baros Maldives, wedding vow renewals are a speciality, our experienced team will craft a perfectly tailored event for your special day. You can renew your vows on a private sandbank or on
the white sand beaches of our tropical island – with a photographer in tow to catch every moment to cherish forever.


Maldives is a foodies haven, where the cuisine is very unique – the local cuisine comprises of three basic elements: fresh tuna, coconut from the towering palm trees and rice, enjoyed with spices from east asia and around the world. At the resorts, you would also find a multitude of different cuisines available for you.

At the best restaurants in Maldives in Baros, every meal is yours to savour, every bite designed to inspire. From a lagoonside breakfast at Lime, our all day dining restaurant, to the exotic spices at Cayenne Grill, to fine dining at the legendary Lighthouse, every meal is another opportunity for you to relish and indulge in. If you do not want to leave the beautiful scenery from your Villa, you can simply order in and enjoy your own private meal!


At the most romantic resort in the world, the private destination dining options are special and intimate.
Our purpose-built Piano Deck is our most preferred spot among honeymoon couples. Perched over the lagoon, with a private chef and waiter, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime setting for romance. Or, if you’d rather, set up a gourmet picnic on our sandbank, surrounded by turquoise waters. Or ask us for a barbecue on the beach outside your villa. Or wine and cheese tasting on your deck. Treat yourself at the finest of Maldives romantic resorts – dining experiences are an essential part of the Baros legend.


Maldives has a rich and colourful heritage, which dates back to shipwrecks of the silk-route trade ships. Formerly a coconut plantation island, Baros preserves historical elements and the beauty of this natural island in Maldives. Baros offers a Maldivian Experience dinner every week, where you can enjoy the tastes of the local cuisine and indulge in the rich culture of Maldives. Baros also has a traditional dhoni named Nooma, a sailing boat modelled after the old vessels that were used to travel in between islands and atolls. You can set sail on Nooma for a romantic sunset cruise or an intimate dinner – or even take it out on a snorkelling adventure. Baros also has a cultural centre, a small museum with a collection of antique Maldives maps and historic artefacts.

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