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Dining Experience At Baros Maldives

9 June 2021 | All Blogs, Dining

Dining experiences at Baros Maldives are more of a personal affair and taken on with pride by the Baros culinary team. The venues are countless, the menu as per your liking and out of the ordinary. Enjoy a sunrise breakfast on our traditional Maldivian Dhoni while cruising towards the sunrise, have you picnic lunch on the secluded, private sandbank and end your day with a beautiful dinner under the starry sky on the unique piano deck. Alternatively, choose from the three restaurants at Baros, the Palm Garden or select your patch of beach for your casual yet mesmerizing dinner at the beach with private chef and waiter. Read more about these unique dining experience in the Maldives at Baros:


Possibly one of the most romantic and private experience you can come across, dining on a secluded sandbank in the middle of the ocean. Just the two of you and your private chef and waiter on the pure white sand, surrounded by crystal clear waters and a lively reef.

From sunrise to sunset, you can spend the whole day on your little patch of paradise and not get over it. Champagne Sunrise Breakfast, private snorkelling session, catch your own lunch during a quick fishing adventure or a romantic sparkling dinner under the night sky. The choice is yours and it might take two or three trips to soak it all in and enjoy the different facetted of sandbank dining.


There’s an enchanting melody to enjoy on the Baros Piano Deck – a symphony of fine cuisine served in exclusivity in the exotic setting of our own lagoon. This is a unique experience for guests who appreciate independence and tropical tranquillity: dining on a stand-alone deck isolated in the middle of our beautiful, turquoise lagoon.

Unique to Baros, the Piano Deck offers an array of opportunities for your private events, dining experience or private yoga class. This deck, whose profile resembles a grand piano with wooden steps like a piano keyboard, is just minutes by boat from the resort’s shore with access only through prior reservation.


During your stay in the Maldives it is a must to explore the surrounding waters on a cruise, especially if you have the chance to do so on a traditional, Maldivian Dhoni that sets the mood just right. The tranquility and proximity to nature will take you away and let you experience the Maldivian sunset yet again, whether you venture out on a romantic sunset cruise with champagne and dinner or just following the Dolphins around the atoll.


An icon in the Maldives, The Lighthouse Restaurant shines from afar over the Baros lagoon, with its unique white sail. The Lighthouse Restaurant blends experience and meticulous precision with a fresh modern taste in delivering dining experiences that reinterpret classical fine dining for a contemporary audience.

The dining area set just over lagoon with the marine life teaming below, diners get to spectate the reef sharks and rays showing off their hunting skills while enjoying refined, classic dishes – from the most popular lobster bisque prepared on the guerdon beside your table, to tender steaks and modern classics infused with tropical flavours. Let our award winning team win your heart through their mouth-watering creations.


The classic dining experience yet never overrated. Your feet in the sand, a gentle rustling through the palm leaves and the gushing waves caressing the beach with your own private waiter setting your table on the beach und the starry sky. You can dine anywhere on the island – in the cocooning comfort of your villa, on your deck, on the beach or beneath the trees along the shoreline. Arrange a dining occasion just for you, wherever the mood takes you, in private, with friends or family.


Cayenne Grill is al fresco à la carte dining flavoured with spices from around the world. Intimate dining over the lagoon, the aroma of spice drifting through the night – Cayenne Grill offers a casual yet exciting dining experience with a journey of flavours and exquisite wines. Finest cuts and fresh seafood grilled to your preferences, finely marbled wagyu beef and young New Zealand lamb, a succulent selection of fresh lobster, prawns, crab and fish, paired with the breeze from the ocean and a good glass of wine is the perfect setting for a delightful dining experience.


The legendary heart of the island and in remembrance to the old days where the island of Baros was used as a palm tree plantation – the Palm Garden. A beachside garden of coconut palms in front of the pavilion that constitutes Sails Bar, providing natural shade during the day and an intimately lit glade at night. It has giant swings and beanbags, setting the mood for an afternoon of lazing hours away gazing at the ocean, or simply mastering the art of doing nothing.

In the evening, the Palm Garden almost magically transforms into a dimly lit, soothing space, where you can sit back and enjoy the ambience, sipping your choice of contemporary or classic cocktails, fine spirits and liqueurs.


When another day begins under the brilliant Baros sky, Lime Restaurant starts you off deliciously with an indulgent buffet breakfast. Chilled Champagne, fresh seafood, Maldivian curries, Asian plates and classic cooked breakfasts. Here you start your day as decadently or as wholesome as you please. Sit inside in Lime’s cool interior or take your place outside on the deck for views across the large overwater pool and the lagoon.

For lunch, try hearty highlights like the massaman tuna, or choose from curries, snacks, salads, pizzas and sandwiches for something in-between. In the evening enjoy international and Maldivian cuisine served against the backdrop of an enchanting Baros sunset.

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