Fluo Night Diving In Maldives

9 June 2021 | All Blogs, Experience

If you feel you have seen it all, opt-in for an underwater exploration for snorkellers and divers that exposes the very different underwater world at night. Not only is it possible to explore the reef at night with a torch but snorkellers and divers can also have a look at which creatures are sleeping and which are still awake. Equipped with special diving lights and mask filters, guests can discover a whole new colourful world with “Fluo” snorkelling and diving sessions at night in the sea off Baros.


“Fluo” snorkelling or diving involves lights that are specifically designed to generate the maximum amount of bio-fluorescence, known as blue light.
Certain marine life absorbs part of the blue light and emits a different colour. This effect is called fluorescence and reveals unusual yellows, greens, pinks and blues or purples when a special light is shone in the water. With a yellow barrier filter fitted over the snorkelling mask, the effect becomes visible and spellbinding. Some refer to it as being like a swim in an underwater disco. From all sides, you will see shining neon coloured corals. Anemone fishes will lie nicely and comfortable within their bright greenish Anemone. You could be lucky and see the lemon-yellow juvenile moray eel hunting for food in between corals.


For corals it may act as a sunscreen, protecting them and their symbiotic algae (which lives inside the corals’ tissues) against harmful UV radiation. It also allows them to transform the blue light in greater depths into such wavelengths that their algae can perform photosynthesis which gives them an evolutionary advantage for survival. Another theory states that the use might be for communication purposes.


The Fluorescent Night dives at Baros are conducted in small groups with a professional instructor who is experienced and qualified in Fluorescent Night Diving. While only certified divers can take part in the diving, our marine biologists at the Marine Centre at Baros Maldives will also escort capable snorkellers to enjoy this unique underwater experience. Going out at night requires a little more planning and preparation than for daylight snorkelling, especially when using the special torches and filters. For safety, snorkellers are required to be adept and should have been out on the house reef during the day time and preferably at night once before. After a safety briefing, we equip everyone with the “Fluo” flashlight and filter which fits over the mask, before heading for a guided tour into the shining “dark side” of Baros.


Yes, you will be joining a guided tour at the house reef, a protected area which is well known by our guides, however, you should never go out alone or without a capable dive or snorkelling guide. You learn guidelines and rules to follow during the night adventure to ensure your own safety as well as the safety of other participants. Furthermore, you will be instructed on how to behave underwater during the night and how to keep the marine life at ease while exploring the house reef. Generally, there are no dangerous predators or other marine animals around the house reef at Baros. However, always refrain from touching any marine life and respect the beautiful and unique nature of the underwater world.

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