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Why Maldives top your 2022 travel list

28 December 2021 | All Blogs, Destination, Experience

2022 is the year to turn your travel dreams into reality. Here is why the Maldives should be at the top of your travel list.

As 2021 draws to a close, many of us are thinking about a new year of travel – of finding the perfect island escape. The Maldives is open to visitors from most destinations as long as you have proof of a negative Covid test taken no more than four days prior to your arrival, you’re good to go.

The Maldives is an obvious bucket-list choice for a holiday of a lifetime. Expect unbridled luxury, stunning white-sand beaches, swaying coconut palms and an incredible underwater paradise. When deciding on an island escape, seek out a resort rooted in cultural heritage and regenerative travel. Regenerative travel is a progression of sustainable travel, highlighting the importance, not just of treading lightly, but of making a positive contribution to the destination that you visit.

Reasons you should visit Baros:

1. In Step With Nature

Baros, the Maldives icon, protects its unspoiled environment, rich cultural history and heritage. Originally a coconut plantation, Baros looks much the same as it did in its early days. Mature palms provide a shady canopy and the island hosts a healthy mangrove system. Guests can take a guided nature walk to identify the lush flora and fauna and the dedicated dive and marine centre offers specialty courses in biodiversity and conservation and teaches guests sustainable dive practices.

2. Sublime Coral House Reef

With some of the best diving and snorkelling in the world, the translucent azure waters of North Male Atoll are a magnet for marine life lovers. If you’re looking to chill and not swim further afield, choose a resort with its own house reef. At Baros only steps away from your beach villa is an incredible coral house reef accessible directly from the resort’s powdery white sand beach. Home to hundreds of brightly coloured tropical fish, turtles and black tip reef sharks, snorkelling or diving in these transparent waters offers a once in a lifetime marine experience.

3. Underwater Discovery

Enjoy a personalised journey of underwater discovery with Baros’ resident Marine Biologist and experience the richness and variety of astonishing colonies of soft corals that come alive under the darkness of night as you snorkel or dive safely amongst nocturnal predators like moray eels and stingrays. Glide along the surface on a paddleboard and get involved in the resort’s coral reef rehabilitation programmes aimed at restoring the effects of coral bleaching, prohibiting invasive coral eating species and reef cleaning events.

4. Manta Ray Quest

Many divers have a Manta Ray quest and guests of Baros can swim amongst these gentle giants from May to November and from January to April at dive spots close to the resort. Divers can also join in the Dive Centre, Divers Baros’ Manta identification survey by taking underwater photos of a Manta Ray’s unique belly print and comparing their image with photographs already on the Divers Baros database. A diver who photographs a Manta Ray not seen before is offered the opportunity to name and adopt the Manta Ray. The database, through its link with Manta Matchers, monitors the swim patterns of the Manta Ray.

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